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Beth Waldrup


Most people just call me Beth. Some formalize my name by saying Pastor Beth but I had been answering to Beth for forty years before I became a pastor so the name is fine with me. I was privileged to come to Maumelle in July of 2014 after serving churches in central Arkansas, northeast Arkansas and southwest Arkansas. People often refer to a pastor like me as second career but the truth is I was a banker, a mom, a volunteer, and a financial analyst before finally answering my call to fulltime ministry.

The education I received at Baylor University and Perkins School of Theology only partially prepared me for the vocation of ministering to people. There are some things, like being a mother of three, that you just cannot learn in a book. The best teachers have been the people I have humbly served over the past eighteen years. They have allowed me to be a part of their life’s journey – through life and death, victory and defeat, joy and sadness, despair and hope. Understanding my Core Values of authenticity, compassion, and sacramental life has supported me when the days are overwhelming.

This year I became a grandmother and that changed my perspective on what we share with one another. The Bible shares God’s story of salvation with us and we should share the story of what that means to one another. Here at First Church, we care about your story. Will you share it?

Grace and peace,